Why Us

We get it! You have many different places you can choose to do business with. But we think that we are the best choice for you…here are 7 reasons why.

  • Reason #1: We carry every type of flooring product that the big box retailers do, but as a family owned business we provide a personal touch that you can’t get elsewhere!
  • Reason #2: The Owner of Porters Flooring and More installs your flooring, not a hired contractor. He is committed to truly making sure the final product looks the best it can be!
  • Reason #3: We cater to all budget sizes, and are committed to making sure you get what you need at a great price!
  • Reason #4: You get a customized shopping experience with personalized one on one attention! You certainly don’t get this at a big box retailer!
  • Reason #5: After your carpet is installed, we can even clean it for you for years to come as a continual add on service once every 12 to 18 months!
  • Reason #6: If we don’t have the product you want in the store, we will special order it for you to arrive as soon as possible!
  • Reason #7: We put our heart and soul into every job and project, and if there is anything that goes wrong, we are committed to fixing it no matter what!