Carpet Store

Carpet Store Sioux Falls, SD

Carpeting Styles

Porter’s Flooring and More carries many different styles of carpet flooring in our store just outside Sioux Falls. Choosing the best floor covering is a key part of giving your home the right look and feel. Different materials like wool, polypropylene, nylon, or polyester will create a different feel while walking through your home. Modern material also impacts longevity and best cleaning practices. We want to make your house look amazing no matter what room you are re-doing or decorating!

The right carpet floor can have an incredible effect on the look and feel of your home. Choosing the color is only the start. We can help you understand the differences between woven, needle felt, tufted, and knotted. Many homeowners get frustrated when their new home carpets wear out quickly. We can explain the different fiber types that will not show wear and tear as quickly.

Major Brands We Carry

We carry Shaw, Mohawk, and Cheney. Big box stores and outlets often carry the same product under a different brand name. This makes price shopping very difficult. Our experts can help you understand the ins and outs of all the different options. Once you have talked with us, you will get the quality carpeting at the best price. Best of all, we install everything we sell!

Installation, Underlay, and Pad

When our installers are laying down carpet throughout a room, we work carefully to cover the area while eliminating seams. Stairs and hard to reach places like closets are areas we are familiar with. They will be handled with an amazing finish. As we nail the product down, it is stretched on the edges before fixing it down with tack strips.

The right padding can make all the difference. It will determine how the floor feels when you walk across it on bare feet. The underlay can also act as an insulation layer against heat, moisture, and sound. Different materials like rubber or foam are available.

Come visit us today! Looking for something different? We also sell hardwood, tile, and vinyl!